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Consistently rated as one of the best Chiropractors in Aurora, IL!

   Dolan Family Chiropractic has proudly served the communities of Aurora, Naperville, Montgomery, Wheaton, Lisle, and Oswego for years. Drs. Collin and Alorna Dolan are now recognized as authorities in the treatment of injuries such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and joint pain because of their expertise and knowledge in the most current, up to date treatments available in the area. Their passion and commitment to providing quality chiropractic care to every patient that walks through their door is evident from the moment you set foot in the office. Dolan Family Chiropractic is a family owned and operated office, ran by a husband and wife team of chiropractors that truly cares. We guarantee that your family and loved ones will get the proper care and attention that they deserve from our family.

Not your typical chiropractic office…

   This is not an assembly line office or a chain clinic. All consultations, examinations, and treatments are preformed personally by one of the doctors in private treatment rooms. You will never feel rushed or hurried at your appointments. Feel free to ask the chiropractors as many questions as needed or discuss any concerns or options at any point. At Dolan Family Chiropractic, we believe that recovery from back pain is a team effort.

   We accept all medical insurances and file your medical claims for you after every visit. NO prepayment or down payment is required. We DO NOT require prepaid plans or contracts and there is NO long term obligation. We hold office hours 6 days a week including lunchtime and evening hours and are open for regular Saturday hours.

We are conveniently located between Aurora, IL and Naperville, IL

   Our chiropractic office is conveniently located on the corner of Eola Road and North Aurora Road (Indian Trail) in the Jewel shopping center in Aurora, IL. We are just minutes away from the new I-88 Expressway ramp at the Eola Road exit and right down the street from the Metra Route 59 train stop. Although the majority of our wonderful patients come from the immediate cities of Aurora, Naperville, Montgomery, Wheaton, and Lisle, we have many others that travel from further towns as far away as Joliet and Chicago. For them, the drive is well worth it to benefit from the expert care they receive.

Chiropractic finds and fixes the source of your back pain

   Chiropractic is the most widely used alternative form of healthcare in the United States. Chiropractic care offers patients suffering from muscular and skeletal injuries such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, tendonitis, sprains, and strains a noninvasive, non-surgical treatment alternative to pain relief and recovery. Chiropractors use palpation, orthopedic and neurological testing, and sometimes x-rays to identify the underlying cause of the problem. By correcting the cause of the problem, the patient can get lasting relief from pain unlike the temporary patch effect from taking an aspirin. Chiropractic care focuses on identifying and correcting misalignment in the spine and joints called “subluxations”. If not addressed, these misalignments can alter the normal biomechanics of the skeleton and cause imbalances that shift pressure and stress onto certain areas. These imbalances in turn cause counter reactions in the body such as muscle spasms, atrophy, and postural changes that can lead to pain and injury. By using gentle chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors can correct these misalignments and return balance to the body, allowing the body to repair itself.